Saturday, 11 June 2011

Will my knees be up to the mark?

My husband Glyn and I both have dodgy knees, his from football injuries and mine from thumping the pavements in recent years. Nevertheless last year we decided to support a friend of Glyn's who had organised a walk up Mount Snowdon for Arthritis Research. Ironic, isn't it? Going up was not too bad really, but going down was horrendous! We weren't very well-equipped as we only had 2 walking poles between us. Glyn has much the worse knees so he got first dibs on both poles at the most difficult points. After we got home he actually recovered more quickly than me but I think we both eventually felt strengthened by the experience.

Well, I'll be getting another chance to test my knees out as the Everest trek team are due to meet up at some point for a team building training walk. Guess where we're going? Snowdon. Wish me luck!

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