Your support

I do hope that after learning about the work of Women for Women International you will feel inspired to join me in this challenge to raise £10,000.

I'm funding the cost of the Everest trek myself so every penny you donate, or help me to raise, will go directly to Women for Women International UK.

How you can Donate:

Other ways you can support me:

  • You can come to my events - see Fundraising events page for all the details  
  • You can help at my events. For example this could involve helping me to publicise events and sell tickets, donating a raffle prize, making cakes or helping in various ways at the event itself 
  • You can organise your own event, such as a coffee morning, a strawberry tea, a dinner party where you ask your guests to donate £10 instead of bringing a bottle, and many many more ideas....
  • You can tell your family, friends and neighbours about what I'm doing and let them know how to contact me if they'd like to donate or help in any way.
  • You can invite me to give a talk to a group or organisation you belong to so I can tell them about my Everest trek and inspire them to help me fundraise for Women for Women International UK.