Friday, 16 September 2011

News, news, news...

I've had some great publicity in the Harrogate Advertiser today.

The dance in Pateley Bridge this evening is listed in the What's On section of the Week-End guide; I've got a good mention in an article about the Great North Run on Sunday, together with a photo showing me in training at Crossfit HG3 with Pete and Andy; and there's a nice article about my Ceilidh on 25th September, telling people how to buy tickets. So I'm well-pleased!

However, the Advertiser has told the world - well, Harrogate & District anyway - that I'm climbing to the summit of Everest and not just the Base Camp! As long as no-one holds me to this....

Another thing is that when I spoke on the phone to the reporter who wrote the article about the Great North Run I opened my big mouth and said that I really wanted to do it in less than 2 hours. And she's quoted me as saying this! Well, I'm definitely not climbing to the top of Everest so I've simply got to do under 2 hours in the Great North Run!  I managed a sub-hour 6.5 mile run last Sunday so all I have to do is run another 6.5 miles at the same pace. Should be a doddle!

And finally, some really good news. The team fundraising total so far is nearly £42K! Two team members have actually reached their target and are still going strong. I wish I could say the same but overall I'm very pleased with how my fundraising has gone and the amazing support I've had from so many people. I'm delighted to say that I'm just a few quid short of £5K now - so nearly half-way to my £10K target. With the Pateley dance tonight and the Ceilidh next week-end I hope to be up to somewhere between £6K and £7K before I set off on the trek on 4th October. Then when I return on 20th October it'll be all-systems go with fundraising again until I reach £10K.

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