Saturday, 9 July 2011

Training Update

Well, so far so good. Thanks to the amazing effects of CrossFit I'm definitely getting fitter and my flabbier bits are turning to muscle. In a dim light I can almost make out the beginnings of a six-pack! No, really!!

Photos of my six-pack have been banned. But here are a few recent photos of me and some of my fellow crossfitters working out -


In case you're wondering - the last photo of an assisted handstand isn't of me! I'm still at the roly poly with a bit of a bunny hop stage! It's Clare, who's brilliant at handstands and all things gymnastic. She didn't really need Pete's assistance but we wanted her to be still for the photo.

My preparations for the Great North Run, which is only just over 2 months away, are going well. I'm gradually increasing my long runs. I'm up to 9 miles now and will run another 9 miler tomorrow.

Next Sunday I'm doing a 10K race - the Great Bupa North in Gateshead. In a way it's a rest as it's only 6 miles but my plan is to try and do a good time and if possible beat my PB which is 54.32 minutes. But that was on a fairly flat course and I don't know what the Gateshead course will be like. Excuses already!

One of my main goals is to stay free from injury. Although I've been getting aches and pains and stiffness from time to time, nothing has turned chronic yet. This is partly thanks to my brilliant Sports Therapist, Libby Hancocks - - who  I visit every few weeks for a massage. I can't say it's always a pleasant experience when she digs her elbows or knuckles into my painful areas but it does the trick! Thank you Libby!

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